Dr.Frankenstein's Dream Machine Framework

  • Promote global Open Source / Hardware / Collaboration.  Maintain an open environment where any student, designer or engineer is able to collaborate openly without breaching their employer's non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

  • Platform neutrality.  Dr.Frankenstein's Dream Machine platform may include both open source and proprietary solutions/ideas.

  • Our standards framework is intended to reduce any limitations to designs, solutions or possibilities while maintaining the look and feel of our original design.  With this in mind, the CubeNuke has a vertical stack design that works well within a contributor's room at home, in a dorm room in college or cubicle at work.

  • Promote "MacGyvering".  Rather than developing an entire manufacturing process from scratch upcycle, recycle or reuse existing hardware already manufactured and shipped locally.

  • Make every attempt to build cross-model solutions. An example would be an accelerometer developed for the DFDM Mod 1 will also seamlessly integrate with another DFDM model.

Dr.Frankenstein's Dream Machine Ideas We're Prototyping

  • remote control camera
  • heads up display
  • halograms
  • acclerometer and GLCD
  • spectrometer
  • magnetometer
  • wireless charging
  • plant growing light
  • plant chamber
  • LED desk lamp
  • Free Space Optics (FSO)
  • raspberry pi Linux development platform
  • raspberry pi supercomputer
  • mineral oil cooling chamber
  • voice over ip telephone
  • cell phone communications
  • cell phone handset
  • wifi station
  • ethernet hub
  • multiple cell phone antennas
  • flexible tube display
  • usb port strip
  • retractible bluetooth speakers
  • FLIR camera
  • send-me-a-song receiver & player
  • microscope
  • temperature probes
  • ioBridge gateway
  • middleware gateway
  • database
  • geophone
  • servo motors
  • radio
  • virtual keyboard
  • elastolite kit
  • prescription monitoring for the elderly
  • blood testing
  • upload blood test results to a data warehouse for researchers
  • function generator
  • LED propeller cooling fan
  • sonoluminescence demonstration
  • alarm system
  • GPS
  • robotics
  • voice recognition
  • centrifugal nuclear fusion generator
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